IT Industrial Training In Noida

Techstrong Systems is an IT based Company and quality oriented Training Center of Noida Delhi/NCR, India provides you the summer training in Noida on ASP.NET, PHP, JAVA/J2EE,Android etc with live project. We focus on quality training to generate employable and skillful professionals for web industry. We have highly talented and experienced professionals of combined I.T. and Corporate Training Experience.

Industrial Training refers to the work experience that is relevant to professional degree prior to the completion of degree. Techstrong systems provides you the industrial training in the above mentioned programs with a duration of at least either 6 weeks or 6 months for the branches B.CA, M.CA, B.Tech (CS & IT), M.Tech (CS & IT).

The goal of our Company is to provide you the corporate training in Noida to increase your knowledge in the field for your bright future. Also we will provide you the certificates on the successful completion of your course.

Courses offered

Dot Net training in Noida

dot net

Microsoft ASP.NET is the next generation of Active Server Pages (ASP). It provides a new programming model for the creating network applications that take an advantage of Internet. ASP.NET is a server-side scripting technology that can be used to create dynamic and interactive web applications.

An ASP.NET page is a HTML page that contains server-side scripts that are processed by web server, before being sent to the user’s browser. You can combine ASP with Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create powerful websites.

JAVA, J2EE Training in Noida


Java is most widely used language all over the world. Its biggest advantage is that it can be used to make window as well as web applications. Java is a widely used software application for designing the distributed environment of Internet

J2EE is the short form of Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition. J2EE provides a runtime environment for developing enterprise software. J2EE platform consists of a set of services, APIs and protocols that provides functionality for developing multitiered web based applications.

Android Training In Noida


Android is mobile operating system based on Linux kernel. Android is designed basically for touch screen phones, tablets, smartphones etc. with a user interface based on direct manipulation.

Android has the largest installed software of OS.Its devices get sold out more than Windows, IOS, and Mac OS. Android devices are sold largely than devices on other applications. It is used for gaming, messaging apps etc.

Training features

  • Best Environment to Improve your Skills
  • Complete Study Material
  • Special Focus on Practical
  • Job Assistance Based Training
  • Project will be handled by Trainer
  • Highly Talented & Experienced Trainers

PHP/MY SQL Training In Noida


PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor. PHP is an HTML scripting language. Much of its syntax has been borrowed from C, Java and Perl. Also it is a scripting language like ASP.

It is used for web applications. PHP codes can be used with HTML codes or it can be used as a combination with web frameworks.PHP is an open source software (OSS) and it is free to download. PHP combined with MYSQL are cross-platform in which we can develop in windows and Unix platform.